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Our Order Department & Warehouse will be closed for inventory Tuesday, June 27 through Wednesday, July 5. All orders received after 9 am Monday, June 26 will ship Thursday, July 6.

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Ordering Cal Poly Cheese

Cal Poly Farmstead Cheese Packs available this Fall.

About Cal Poly Cheese

A longstanding tradition of excellence characterizes the Cal Poly Creamery. Part of the largest dairy science program in the country, we have been making high-quality cheese and other dairy products for students, alumni, and the community since 1903.

The Creamery is both a teaching laboratory and a manufacturing plant licensed and inspected by the State of California for commercial production of dairy products. Cal Poly students follow the university's philosophy of "learning by doing" as they craft our award-winning cheeses and take courses in all aspects of dairy science and technology (including, dairy production, dairy processing and manufacture of dairy products (e.g., fluid milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, sour cream and ice cream) as part of their academic training under the supervision of dedicated faculty and staff in the dairy science department.

Our dairy products are made from our own herd of dairy cows consisting of both Holstein and Jersey that graze on the rolling hills of the Central California Coast.

Our commercial products (mainly, cheese and ice cream) can be purchased at the Cal Poly campus market and at select supermarkets on the Central Coast. Combinations of our fine cheeses can be purchased online during the holiday season as gift packs. We work with private industry and co-pack private label cheese and ice cream for companies, providing additional experience for our students.

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