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Our Order Department & Warehouse will be closed for inventory Tuesday, June 27 through Wednesday, July 5. All orders received after 9 am Monday, June 26 will ship Thursday, July 6.

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Faculty and Textbook Buybacks

Obtaining a quality education can place a financial burden on many college students. Just as Cal Poly attempts to keep tuition and fee increases to a minimum, the University Store also tries to help students by ensuring the lowest possible prices on textbooks and course materials.

One principal way the store tries to make textbooks more affordable is by stocking as many used books as possible. Students demand used books — used copies nearly always sell out before new copies.

Where do we get used books? We buy back used copies students do not plan to keep for their personal libraries. We also purchase used books from national wholesale companies, who buy them from students at other campuses. End-of-quarter "buyback" not only provides a healthy supply of used books for the next quarter, it also gives money back to the students who do not wish to keep a particular book.

The buyback process really begins when the University Store receives textbook adoption forms from faculty for the next quarter. Only when the store has your course requirements can we determine which used books to buy back from students on the Cal Poly campus, and which books to order from wholesalers and publishers.


Textbook & Coursepack Orders

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Class Kit Orders

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