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Supporting Affordable Learning

Setting students up for success is the University Store's number one priority. That includes saving them money on their textbooks. Over the past three years, the University Store has saved students over one million dollars in courseware purchases.

But we didn't save students money on our own. We did it with the help of faculty. When faculty adopts their books as early as possible, readopts the same textbooks and considers low cost or free online alternatives, students save. Other ways we can work together to keep textbook costs low:

    • Scrutinize using customized textbooks if only a few chapters will be eliminated
    • Consider reusing the same edition if the new edition contains only minimal content changes
    • Order textbook bundles (with additional materials, such as CD-ROMs, study guides, etc.) only when the additional materials are required
    • Avoid requiring textbooks when only one or a few chapters are needed

    Adopt Your Textbooks Now

    Making Your Job Easier

    Selecting materials for your students can be one of the most difficult challenges when planning a class. The University Store is here to help you by providing resources and being available to answer your questions. Below are links to learn more about textbooks and how to make choosing them easier for yourself and your students:


    Textbook & Coursepack Orders

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    Class Kit Orders

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