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Supporting Affordable Learning

As parents you want to set up your student for success. The same is true at the University Store. In fact, it's our number one priority. That includes saving them money on their textbooks. Over the past three years, the University Store has saved students over $1 million in courseware purchases.

We offer several ways to save:

Textbooks are expensive but they don't have to be. Check out our convenient textbook comparison tool to see how your student can save.

Compare textbook prices here

Putting Students A Step Ahead

In addition to offering affordable options, the University Store offers two exciting programs to help students get ahead when it comes to their textbooks:

Saving On Books and More

With textbook purchases students can earn up to 20% off their supplies in-store. If you spend between $100-$149, you earn 10% off. If you spend between $150-$199, you earn 15%. Or if you spend over $200, you earn 20% off.



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